A Guide To RV Types

Types of RVsThe term 'Recreational Vehicle' conjures different images for different people. For some it might be a giant, luxurious Class A diesel pusher, while for others it might be a van with a pop-up roof. Here's a quick guide to different types of RVs, to help you if you're in the market for a new home on wheels.

Class A Motorhomes: There are several sub-categories under motorhomes. Basically a motorhome is a vehicle which can also function as a home. A Class A motorhome is similar to an interstate bus, and often has extendable side rooms to add extra space. These can also be converted passenger buses or school buses. A diesel pusher is a Class A with a diesel engine. A Class A is the pinnacle of home on the road.

Class B and C Motorhomes: Class B and C motorhomes are van or truck chassis with a motorhome built on them. C Class motorhomes are the iconic 'cab-over' style, with the small shelf extending over the top of the vehicle cabin. These classes are suited for RV enthusiasts who plan on using their RV often.

Trailers: There are a variety of trailers, such as small teardrop trailers which can be pulled by motorcycles, all the way to giant fifth-wheel trailers, which have to be pulled by large, strong trucks. Depending on your needs, a trailer can be ideal for a few camping trips a year, or in the case of a fifth-wheel, a cross-country tour.

Toy Hauler: This term refers to any RV that also offers vehicle storage, which can range from ATVs all the way to small cars, depending on the RVs size.

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February 06, 2013