Class C Advantages

The biggest advantage is that you don’t need a tow vehicle. Having to buy a separate vehicle that can tow your 5th wheel or travel trailer is a big expense that you won’t have to incur if you go with a Class C motorhome. You will be able to travel anywhere without the hassles of having to separate your vehicle from the RV. New technology has made motorhomes now have tighter turning radiuses and they are much easier to drive.

Another advantage is the size of the water tank that will come to your class c motorhome. The class C motorhome will come with an oversized fresh water tank, black water, and gray water tanks. You will be able to spend days at your favorite vacation spot without needing to find utilities to fill-up.

If you love bringing your toys on vacation with you then your Class C motorhome will easily tow them behind. Don’t leave your boat, motorcycle, or jet-ski home during your next vacation at the lake. Bring them along and let the family enjoy their vacation. You will also be able to use the towing capacity to bring your small car with you on vacation to get you around town while you’re camping out.

The final advantage to owning a Class C motorhome is that they are safer in a front impact accident. They have large hoods and the engine is in front of the driver. The engine will drop and there is a crash box in front of the driver that will take the impact and save lives.

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2005 Jayco Greyhawk Class C motorhome - Transwest Truck Trailer RV 800-909-7071David from Grand Junction, Colorado stopped in to meet with Mark Love at Transwest to find a Class C motorhome. David found this 2005 Jayco Greyhawk and is now off to see America. David is a veteran RV’er and has owned several motorhomes in the past but now David wanted something smaller. This 28′ Jayco has enough storage for what he’s taking on the road but is still small and maneuverable enough to get off the road where he likes to camp. Best of all, it didn’t break the bank.

2005 Forest River Lexington Class C Motorhome - Transwest Truck Trailer RV 800-909-7071Keith and Louise from Grand Junction, Colorado just scored a great deal on this 2006 Forest River Lexington with less than 30,000 miles on it. At only 26′ this model has everything they wanted. This beauty has good storage, it’s easy to drive and is in great condition. After a weekend in Palisades at John Robb Island Acres State Park it’s off for the summer to see family and old friends.


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