America’s Best Highways and Roads

The United States is cross-crossed in every direction with roads, both major, bustling interstates, and the smaller roads that serve as veins leads to those arteries. While some highways are merely a surface to get you from point A to point B, some are special, and actually worth seeking out for the experience. Here are a few of our favorites.

American Highway Love

Natchez Trace Parkway: This 444-mile drive routes through Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, and offers exceptionally beautiful southern scenery. If the length is daunting, there are segments rich in histories, such as Tupelo to Tennessee, which features prehistoric mound sites and Civil War battlefields.

Tennessee Music Highway: The 210-mile stretch between Nashville and Memphis has been officially named the ‘Music Highway’, and is a musical history buff’s paradise. In addition to classics like Graceland and Sun Studios, you can visit the Patsy Cline memorial, the Stax Museum of soul music, the Rock & Roll Museum, and the birthplace of Tina Turner, among many spots.

The Civic Musical Road: Lancaster, California boasts the only musical road in the U.S, and one of three in the world! Originally created by Honda for an advertisement and then later remade in a new location, this section of road has grooves carved into it so when you drive over them it ‘plays’ ‘William Tell Overture’. Although it’s claimed that a Honda Civic is the ideal car for the experience, any vehicle will do.

Blue Ridge Parkway: Another long stretch of scenic wonders, the Blue Ridge Parkway extends for 469 miles between North Carolina and Virginia. This is one of the most popular scenic drives in America, featuring not only amazing flora and fauna but plenty of historical farm and Civil War sites.

These are a few we enjoy, if we missed your favorite drive, tell us where to find it!

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