Unique Underground RV Park Opens

We’ve seen our fair share of unique RV parks, but this latest addition in Vivos, Kansas, takes the cake. It’s completely underground, located 150 miles beneath a limestone mountain! The Park for Preppers The Vivos shelter located in Vivos, Kansas, offers its members not just the unique shade of an underground RV park, but presumed […]


10 Tips For Buying A Used Horse Trailer

Looking to purchase a used horse trailer? Afraid that you might be taken “for a ride”?   Here are a few tips on what to look for when purchasing your next trailer to ensure you truly are getting more for your buck!  A word of advice…If your purchasing from an individual be careful of the old […]


2017 Best Summer Rodeos In Colorado

There are great summer rodeos coast to coast, but for this blog, we chose to zoom in on Colorado, with their majestic mountains and dry summer climate that doesn’t make you run for the air-conditioned indoors.   Here are our Top 4 Picks 2017 Summer Rodeos worth visiting in colorful Colorado. Snowmass Rodeo Set in scenic […]

Guide To Trailer Hitches

If you’re thinking of towing a load, whether it be a horse trailer, RV, or boat, you may want to familiarize yourself with trailer hitches. Here’s our brief guide to trailer hitches, so you can make sure you have the right hitch for your weight. Trailer hitches come in two types: fixed-drawbar and receiver. Fixed-drawbars are […]


Transwest’s Vacation Checklist

When it’s time to head out and hit the open road, you want to make sure you’ve taken care of everything back at the homestead, so we’ve come up with this handy checklist for your vacation.       5 Things to do before Vacation Pets. The most important thing to take care of is […]


Tornado Safety: Tips For When You’re On the Road

Most people are familiar with tornado safety in buildings (and if not, educate yourself!), but do you know what to do if you encounter one on the road? Here are a few tornado safety tips for the highway.


How to Ensure a Safe Haul

Feeling fatigued or sleepy on the road?


Cimarron Trailer’s Custom Feature of the Week: Max Air Fans

Cimarron Trailer’s Custom Feature of the Week is the Max Air Fan Option With the summer months coming up soon, we start thinking about the need for ventilation in our trailers.  Well at least those of us who live in Oklahoma do!!  One of Cimarron’s many ventilation options is Max Air Fan.  They do not […]


Five Tips for Traveling With Your Horse

If you’re new to horse trailers, the last thing you want to do is try to shove your horse in your trailer and drive across the country. Your horse isn’t a bike you throw on a rack; he or she is a cherished animal and you want your shared trip to be as smooth as […]


Next Excursion to Estes Park

Looking for a vacation of tranquility, adventure, and a surreal environment? Estes Park, Colorado is a historical small town that is engraved in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Roads in all directions are surrounded by impeccable and breathtaking views. Rated one of the top destination spots for Colorado for RV’ing, camping, and hiking. Many of […]