FedEx Ground Regional Show – July 19th

FedEx Ground Annual Summit: Chicago, IL at Soldier Field. July 19th, 2017 Re-Cap The 2017 FedEx Ground Annual Summit meeting at Soldier Field in Chicago was a wonderful experience and a great turn out, for both contractors and vendors. We were fortunate to meet a large number of new contractors, as well as face to […]


How to decide which Step Van is the best fit for your route.

Gas or Diesel Step Vans? There are several important points to consider when you are deciding whether to go with a gas powered vs diesel powered stepvan. Freightliner produces a premium product in both gas with the GM V8 6.0L engine, as well as the diesel Cummins B7 6.7L engine. Coupled with the Allison automatic […]


ISP Conversions for FedEx Ground

The new ISP conversion is coming soon and affecting thousands of FedEx Ground contractors nationwide. ISP refers to Independent Service Provider, previously referred to as a CSP or Contracted Service Provider. Each contractor company will be required to have at least 5 routes or 500 deliveries when the change is put into effect in your […]