Celebrating Christmas On The Road

christmas With the holiday season underway, a lot of us will be setting up trees and decorating with lights, but some of us will be out on the road, working or traveling. If you celebrate Christmas and have to be away from your home base this season, here are some tips for celebrating the holiday while out on the road.

Celebrate Where You Are

Decorate inside. You may be thinking, ‘How can I decorate inside my truck cab or RV?’ but there are plenty of ways! Even the simplest decoration can brighten up the inside of your vehicle while the outdoors are so bleak. You can string up some tinsel, or fake holly or pine inside with some strong tape or zip ties. Just be sure that if you’re stringing anything across the top of your windshield that it’s secure and doesn’t obscure your vision at all. The last thing you want is a wreath in the face while you’re merging on the highway.

Decorate outside. Even something so small and simple as securing a wreath to your front grille can brighten not only your mood but the mood of anyone who sees it. You can also secure battery-powered light strands to your vehicle to add some holiday cheer.

Take care of yourself. The holiday season is notoriously tied with depression, and it can be easy to get down when you’re alone out on the road. Take care of yourself this holiday season, even in little ways. Get yourself a hot chocolate, or a little present. Even better, get someone you don’t even know a hot chocolate. The Christmas spirit can be contagious!

From all of us at Transwest, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season regardless of how you celebrate.
And if you asked Santa for a new RV, make sure he knows to browse our website first!

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