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Cimarron Trailer’s Custom Feature of the Week is the Max Air Fan Option

With the summer months coming up soon, we start thinking about the need for ventilation in our trailers.  Well at least those of us who live in Oklahoma do!!  One of Cimarron’s many ventilation options is Max Air Fan.  They do not require a generator and run only on the trailer battery.  The fans work a lot like a ceiling fan/exhaust fan with a thermostat.  I’m going to show you a series of pictures to help explain how these things operate!

Below is a picture of the fans in the closed position.  They come in both a black and a white exterior.  They are sleek and can be installed along with the smaller pop-up roof vents also shown in the picture of this trailer.


Another great ventilation option from Cimarron Trailers.  We like to use these on our Showstar low-profile model trailers along with the Quick Air Access fold down slat, pop-up roof vents and removable plexiglass tracks.


The fans may be retrofitted to an existing trailer.  Additional cost will be incurred if the trailer needs aluminum roof bracing installed.  Can be used on front tack areas as well.


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