Transwest Company History

Transwest is a diverse group of operations providing transportation products and services to commercial and retail customers since the late 1980’s. Under current ownership since 1990, the company has enjoyed consistent growth and expansion beyond its original Colorado footprint. Today the company serves the needs of a broad cross section of industries across the United States and Canada.

Transwest’s dealership operations represent the Freightliner, Western Star, and Isuzu brands in Colorado, and also GMC and Buick in the metro Denver area. Transwest also sells several heavy commercial trailer product lines at locations in Colorado and Missouri, and sells RV’s and horse trailers at a facility in northern Colorado. The company has manufacturing facilities in Kansas and Colorado that produce a number of specialized truck bodies under its own Summit brand. And most notably, Transwest is a prominent national presence in the transportation finance sector through its Trans Lease subsidiary.

Transwest Means Transportation

Transwest is your solution to all your transportation needs. Commercial, Fleet, or Personal vehicles find all your solutions here.

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