The 2017 FedEx Ground Annual Summit

FedEx Ground Annual Summit: Chicago, IL at Soldier Field. July 19th, 2017 Re-Cap

The 2017 FedEx Ground Annual Summit meeting at Soldier Field in Chicago was a wonderful experience and a great turn out, for both contractors and vendors. We were fortunate to meet a large number of new contractors, as well as face to face, meet many who we only knew over the phone. It was great to meet someone who you know very well over the phone, but have never met in person due to living in different areas of the country.  fedex-ground-show-soldier-field

We also had very insightful conversations with contractors from all regions of the country regarding ISP, the increase of large package deliveries, and general industry feedback. Contractors who are through ISP were very relieved to have this behind them as they approach Peak Season. There were mixed opinions about whether this conversion has been profitable for contractors yet. It seems as though this is an issue that we will need to wait and see on.

The general presence of the show was a positive one. Contractors were encouraged by their break out sessions with FedEx corporate. There were many questions that were answered, and relief seemed to flood the atmosphere. Many contractors felt confident in their anticipated earnings for this coming season.

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