Retail vehicle financing (RV, Horse Trailer, etc) available here.

Commercial vehicle financing provided by Trans Lease.

An integral part of the Transwest family is our leasing company, Trans Lease.  We are proud of our professional staff skilled in creating custom leasing solutions to meet your equipment financing needs. With nationwide coverage, Trans Lease will work with you to find the perfect financing solution.


Over the past 20 years, our commitment to the industry has moved us into the top 100 largest lease companies in the United States as well as a listing in the top 25 privately owned lease companies in the United States. This experience and volume have given us the edge to become one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, serving customers in all 50 states.

At Trans Lease, our vision is to provide our customers with the means to expand with the needs of their business and find leasing solutions, which fit into any budget. We are committed to giving our customers competitive rates and the best terms possible on every equipment lease.

TRAC Lease

A lease custom built for vehicles titled for commercial use. This leasing option also affords our customers the option of buying the leased vehicles at a predetermined price when the lease term expires. Trans Lease retains the depreciation benefits and passes the tax savings along to you in the form of lower lease payments. Lease payments are fully tax deductible by the lessee.

FMV Lease

FMV is a lease on any vehicle or equipment, which provides no fixed purchase option at the end of the lease term, other than the Fair Market Value (FMV). Under this lease, ownership of the equipment is retained by Trans Lease. Mileage caps may apply.

Equipment Lease

Our standard equipment lease is a tax lease on non-titled equipment.

Installment Lease

Our Installment Lease is a lease in which there is a fixed purchase option at the end of the lease term. The ownership and tax benefits pass to the customer immediately upon execution of the lease documents.

Loan & Security Agreement

If a customer is looking to buy equipment, we offer a lease  in which Trans Lease finances your purchase of equipment on a fixed rate basis. In the face of rising costs and the need for expansion, today’s businesses can get the most out of  their operating capital by utilizing Trans Lease’s financing plans. This options provides both convenience and an opportunity to properly cycle equipment as needs change over time.


Transwest Means Transportation

Transwest is your solution to all your transportation needs. Commercial, Fleet, or Personal vehicles find all your solutions here.

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