Developing future talent

At Transwest, we understand our organization’s sustainability is deeply rooted in the sourcing and development of future talent.  Teaming up with community educators gives our recruiting team the connection to high school and post-secondary students.. Through workshops and Q&As we can offer exposure to students to help ignite interests and develop passions to grow sustainable career paths.  

On October 23rd, Transwest of Brighton invited students from Fort Lupton High School for a facility tour. More than 20 students came to our corporate headquarters to get an insider’s perspective into the different careers and work environments we offer to feel out potential future career paths. 

Let our Interns lead the way

This group’s interest grew from the current Ft Lupton High School intern relationships at Summit Bodyworks in Fort Lupton, our Transwest graphic design and manufacturing facility.

Students were interested in learning more about becoming a diesel technician, welder, graphic designer, and business development career paths. The students, and their teacher Nikki Chima, spent time touring the heavy and medium-duty shops, parts, sales, and administrative offices. Afterward, an interactive session was held with Transwest employees. 

The first session featured Q&A with Technician Brian Baker, Medium-Duty Foreman Doug Heidt, and Service Managers Jim Schoff and Randy Bruntz. The second session featured Marketing Coordinators Jody Irsik and Kailee Nauman, Recruiter Amy Moore, IT System Administrator Jennifer Wheeler, and our Director of Human Resources Sarah Buck. 

Transportation Support numbers today

There are currently about 5000 potential Diesel Technicians available to work in the State of Colorado.  To understand the imbalance and growing market need, there are currently 6000 available positions. It is expected that gap will grow.

Vocational career paths offer students a great entry into the workforce, decreasing time in school and traditional student debt.  According to Glassdoor, the average tech earns around $41,000 per year, with a trade school certificate that can be earned in as little as 6 months.  

Our goal is to continue offering support to our community’s students. We hope to continue to offer exposure to new passions to help guide them in sustainable career goals. 

If your school is interested in offering students a similar experience, please reach out to our team!