Horse Trailer Accessories

If you’re in the market for a horse trailer, we have an excellent stock you can browse right here on our website. But the trailer is just the beginning. There are numerous accessories you can add to your truck and trailer to make life not only easier for your horses, but for yourself. If you can think of an accessory for your trailer, chances are it exists. Here are a few of the helpful options, separated by category.


Organization: If you’re transporting horses, you’re also transporting their tack, along with cleaning supplies, brushes, etc. You want these items not only stowed securely but where you can access them reliably and easily. There are numerous organization options, such as pocket racks that mount on the rear doors, or bins that install inside. Above everything else you want your storage system to be secure so it won’t come loose in transit and possibly injure your horse.

Cooling: When you’re transporting animals in hot months, you want to keep them cool, but you want to keep them properly ventilated any time of year. There are options to add ventilation to your trailer, as well as cooling fans for the summer months. Avoid any cooling system with metal blades that protrude, as your horse can injure himself if he is spooked into hitting it.

Lighting: The last thing you want when pulling into your destination is fumbling around a horse trailer in the dark. You can store headlamps in an accessory rack, or install a lighting system inside or outside the trailer to make things even easier.

Water tanks: Anyone who has spent time transporting horses knows that they can be fickle drinkers on the road. Bringing your own water along will help keep them hydrated, and there are a few options to do it. There are slim water tanks that will fit inside your trailer, water bags, and water tanks that fit in the bed of a pickup truck.

Padding: You can add extra safety and comfort to your trailer by upgrading the interior padding. Some trailers already come well padded, while others are bare bones.

These are just a few of many options to customize your horse trailer. If you’re looking for a trailer upgrade, check out our selection today!

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