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Transwest is proud to carry a full line of Isuzu trucks engineered to meet your needs and exceed your expectations at our facilities in the Denver, Grand Junction, and Colorado Springs, Colorado areas. Isuzu Trucks have been blending reliability and economy for decades, and have been the number one selling low cab forward truck since 1986. Whether you are a small business operator with a single vehicle or you manage an entire fleet of freight delivery box trucks, you need a truck that will do more, and cost less.

Isuzu Lineup

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Whether you are a small business operator with a single vehicle or you manage an entire fleet, you need trucks that will do more while costing less to operate…and at Isuzu, that’s the only kind of trucks we sell. We have the only LCF truck lineup offering two diesel engines and a gas engine that is CNG and LPG capable.

Gasoline Trucks
Isuzu offers the only gasoline-powered LCF trucks in America. The gasoline-powered NPR and NPR-HD deliver unsurpassed performance, exceptional maneuverability and a long list of standard features.

Diesel Trucks
The legendary Isuzu 4HK1-TC 5.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine powering the 2016 NPR-HD, NPR-XD, NQR, and NRR has been enhanced to deliver improved fuel economy and to meet tough new EPA standards restricting the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Isuzu CV

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Transwest is your solution to all your transportation needs. Commercial, Fleet, or Personal vehicles find all your solutions here.

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