Customer Testimonial: Transwest Leads the Industry in Customer Service

Dear Mr. Eidsness, I remain impressed with the high standard of service I received in June by the Transwest, Frederick, personnel.

This occasion was prompt by the need for engine/chassis service upon our return from Florida.

However, it never seems as though our return prompts only servicing. This season was no different. When leaving Destin, Florida, our 2012 Ford Focus tow vehicle began bellowing black smoke. Our coach is a 40 foot Winnebago Tour and the car had a tow bar with a rock shield so the “quick release” Stowmaster could not be accessed. The two bicycle rack also impeded access to the hitch and ball.

As flames began to come from under the hood, I yelled to my wife to pull the coach forward as I was attempting to release the bar from the ball, the wiring harness and the safety chains. With great luck and no skill, the hitch was off the ball by about two inches as the rig began to move forward. I felt like I was in receipt of another errant Napalm drop in Khe Sanh, Vietnam.

The car was completely engulfed in flames as I ran toward the coach and we watched our new car blow up on Florida State Highway 98. Part of the joy in motorhoming.

We have since replaced the ’12 Focus with a 2013 Focus SE, replaced all the tow gear and personal possessions lost in the fire. Once again, I called Joe Cox, scheduled another maintenance servicing and another expert installation of tow brackets by Mr. Bill Haverkorn. The client-centered attention of Mr. Cox the expertise of Mr. Haverkorn’s second bracket installation in less than a year, the service technician, and Ralph (?), when paying the bill, are deeply appreciated. These people are outstanding in the performance of their tasks.

Your leadership continues to be the spearhead of the industry. It is great to see the expansion of the Frederick facility. I’m certain it, too, will be nothing but first class.

Most Sincerely,

Larry McBride

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