Regency Motorhomes

A Regency Conversion Van isn’t for someone who just wants to spend a week or two each year out on the road; it’s for the discerning traveler who enjoys driving a luxury vehicle all year round. Regency Concept One owners love driving their coaches and are proud to say, “Yes, I drive a Regency.”  Envision the freedom to go anywhere, without the hassle of hotels and airports.  Visiting family just became a breeze.

There’s no reason to compromise quality over style when looking for a luxury Class B coach. Sophistication and complete time management ownership.  It all starts with a fully equipped, high-performance Mercedes-Sprinter chassis, with added features like a navigation system, back up camera, additional sound-proofing, and a more robust suspension. Every detail of these coaches is crafted by hand, from start to finish.

Transwest Means Transportation

Transwest is your solution to all your transportation needs. Commercial, Fleet, or Personal vehicles find all your solutions here.

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