At Transwest, RVs Are Great For Show Animals, Too!

Diane and Mike from Parker, Colorado needed an easier way to travel to dog shows throughout the country. They worked with Steve Kovac at Transwest Truck Trailer RV in Frederick, Colorado and decided on this 2018 Winnebago Navion 24D model.

It can be difficult to find dog-friendly hotels and many times you can find on-site camping at dog show venues. This seemed like the logical option for them. The Navion has plenty of space for the dogs to move around.  Additionally, the Navion is easily maneuvered for city driving or country cruising.  While Diane and Mike are traveling the show circuit, the Navion offers a comfortable escape with easy downtime and creature comforts of home.  Dog biscuits are easy to stow away with plenty of storage in our best RV seller.

A few things to remember when traveling with your dog:

  • If you need to leave your dog in the RV for an extended period of time remember to leave them plenty of water, chew toys don’t hurt either!
  • Make sure there are enough ventilation and air conditioning for your dog.  Crack a window if possible and pull the shades to keep temperatures cool.
  • Always travel with veterinary records and have your dog’s information on current collar tags with your cell phone number.
  • Buckle up your dog when the RV is in motion to protect yourself and your dog from injury in case of an accident.
  • Belly rubs post-separation are great for stress relief for you and your pet!

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