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How to Ensure a Safe Haul

Feeling fatigued or sleepy on the road?


Custom Feature | Max Air Fans

Cimarron Trailer’s Custom Feature of the Week is the Max Air Fan Option With the summer months coming up soon, we start thinking about the need for ventilation in our trailers.  Well at least those of us who live in Oklahoma do!!  One of Cimarron’s many ventilation options is Max Air Fan.  They do not […]


Five Tips for Traveling With Your Horse

If you’re new to horse trailers, the last thing you want to do is try to shove your horse in your trailer and drive across the country. Your horse isn’t a bike you throw on a rack; he or she is a cherished animal and you want your shared trip to be as smooth as […]


Tips for Surviving Road Rage

If you’re out on the roads, road rage is a fact of life. And if you’re driving an RV or pulling a trailer, you might be drawing more road rage just for the fact that you’re not racing at the same high speeds as some people. Here are a few tips for surviving road rage, […]


Amusement Parks & RV Camping

With summer just around the corner, it’s almost prime amusement park season! There are numerous options to choose from, but we’d like to profile some of the country’s best destination spots in this week’s blog, along with nearby RV options. Where to stop with those kiddos (the adult kind, too) while on the road Legoland, […]


Quick Guide to CB Radio

Truckers already know how to use a CB, but if you’re a road warrior in an RV, you may be new to the world of CB communication. Here’s a brief guide to get you started, and provide you with some etiquette tips. Quick Tips for CB Radio Users CB stands for Citizen’s Band radio, and […]


What Is Horseball?

There are ten disciplines recognized by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, and today we’ll look at one you may not be familiar with: horseball! Imagine a soccer ball with harnesses… Basic horseball is played between two teams of four players. The ball used is a soccer ball inside a 6-handled harness. To score, a […]


Tips: Road Trips With Kids

Spring is here, and that means road trip season is just around the corner. We know that adding children to a lengthy road trip can be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t adequately prepared, so here are some strategies to keep them entertained and you sane. Road Trippin’ with the littles Have patience. Holding […]