Who is Tiffin Motorhomes?

Built in the town of Red Bay, Alabama, the Tiffin Allegro Open Road has been in production for nearly 50 years.
The Allegro Open Road offers RV enthusiasts both luxury and reliability while maintaining the superior quality for which Tiffin Motorhomes has always been known.

The most affordable model in the Tiffin Class A lineup, the Allegro Open Road does not sacrifice comfort or style to maintain a reasonable price tag.
RV enthusiasts who choose an Allegro Open Road experience all the comforts you would expect to find in more expensive models.
From the spacious modern living area to the plush master bedroom, the Allegro Open Road gives new meaning to the phrase home away from home.

Inside the Tiffin Open Road

Depending upon which of the four-floor plans you choose, the Tiffin Allegro Open Road ranges between 33 to 38 feet with room to comfortably sleep up to eight.
The optional drop-down bunk above the cab offers additional sleeping space, a perfect place for your kids to bed down for the night after a long day of family fun.

The Allegro Open Road features a luxurious modern living area that easily competes with more expensive models in features and style. Plush leather seating and a fireplace make cozy nights at “home” an experience in comfort. The spacious kitchen with oven, gas range, convection microwave, and optional residential refrigerator ensure that cooking can be done with ease whether you are preparing snacks for movie night or a three-course meal to share with your family.

Storage options abound in the Allegro Open Road.

From the handcrafted hardwood cabinetry in the main cabin to the ample lighted basement storage beneath there is a home for everything you want on your trip.
The bedroom suite features a built-in wardrobe large enough to all your personal belongings, while the bathroom features plenty of room for toiletries and linens.

The plush, modern cab of the Allegro Open Road offers a comfortable driving experience.
Ensconced in cushy leather captain’s chairs with the in-dash navigation system to keep your crew on track, cruising down the highway will be a trip to remember.
While the 320 HP 6.8L V10 gasoline engine offers ample power that makes towing a breeze, the Sumo Spring suspension will keep the ride smooth regardless of what road you travel.

Whether traveling to Branson for weekend getaways, the Grand Canyon for Spring Break, or taking your RV adventure full time,
the Tiffin Allegro Open Road will allow you to do so in unmatched comfort and style.

We’re proud to carry the Tiffin line and are happy to give you a personalized tour.  Call today to speak with one of our Tiffin specialists!

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