Top Picks For Sirius XM Radio

If you spend a lot of time on the road, either as a professional truck driver, hauling livestock, or an RV enthusiast, chances are you have satellite radio. It’s pretty standard issue these days, and with good reason: there is a wealth of options for entertainment. But it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle with so many channels, so here are some of our top picks for channels in various genres, and perhaps you’ll find a new favorite.

Best Sirius Stations

Rural Radio, Channel 80: If you’re in the livestock or agriculture industry, Rural Radio may be the perfect channel for you. This channel specializes in the western lifestyle and the agriculture industry, with shows such as ‘Western Sports Roundup’, ‘The Horse Show’ and ‘Agritalk’. Chances are if you’re pulling a horse trailer, you might be interested in Rural Radio.

Road Dog Trucking, Channel 128: If you’re a trucker, this is a great place to pull in. All things trucking, by truckers, for truckers. Shows include up-to-the-minute news, as well as industry news, talk forums, and entertainment, such as the ‘Freewheelin” show, and ‘Jonesy’s All Night Truck Stop’. Road Dog Trucking will keep you informed and interested 24 hours a day.

Doctor Radio, Channel 81: Doctor Radio is real doctors, answering questions by real people. This channel can be both fascinating and informative, and the health issues aren’t just limited to humans, there’s even a monthly show focusing on pet health issues. Doctor radio is better than any reality television show, and who knows, you might pick up a tip or two.

Entertainment on the road can be the crucial difference-maker between a pleasant trip and an awful grind, so hopefully, these suggestions stir up your options somewhat. As always, if you’re looking for a new truck, horse trailer, or RV, browse our extensive selection today!

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