Unique Underground RV Park Opens

shelterWe’ve seen our fair share of unique RV parks, but this latest addition in Vivos, Kansas, takes the cake. It’s completely underground, located 150 miles beneath a limestone mountain!

The Park for Preppers

The Vivos shelter located in Vivos, Kansas, offers its members not just the unique shade of an underground RV park, but presumed shelter from nearly any catastrophe.

The bunker (or RV park, if you want to stick with the term) is 45 acres, dug out from mining operations over 100 years ago. According to the Vivos site, limestone is 6 times stronger than concrete, and they claim residents of the Vivos shelter would be able to survive a 50 megaton nuclear blast from 10 miles away, as well as the resulting fallout. There are numerous other apocalyptic situations considered by the website, such as comet impact, super volcanoes, and biological warfare.

After you buy your RV spot (cash up front), you’re free to start using the shelter as you want. Each shelter is stocked with a year’s worth of food and water, as well as survival supplies like medical equipment, radios, generators, seeds, off-road vehicles, and more. If there’s an apocalypse, all you need to do is motor in!

There’s no word on a shuffleboard court or group movie night, but we’re sure those things would come about naturally enough once everyone was inside and the blast doors were shut.

As far as we know, this is the only RV park of its kind, a self-contained underground shelter that allows you to safely park your mobile home in the event of a catastrophe. Not a bad idea, and if it interests you, better get your spot while they’re hot.  Get that speedy Class B first!

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