Best Spots In Denver To Watch The Super Bowl

denver broncos The Super Bowl is less than a week away, and if you aren’t interested in hosting a party at your place but are stumped for where to watch the game, we have a few suggestions for you.


Elway’s (1881 Curtis St). What better place to watch the Super Bowl than in the restaurant named after the man who brought the last trophy home to Denver? If Elway’s has always seemed a bit on the fancy side and out of your budget, the Super Bowl is a great day to check it out. They’ll be having drink and food specials all day and prizes for the best-dressed fan, so leave the suit and slacks at home and break out the orange barrel!

The Cherry Cricket (2641 E. 2nd Ave). Amidst the frills of Cherry Creek sits the legendary down-to-Earth Cherry Cricket. Whether or not their burgers are the best in Denver is a subject for debate amongst themselves, but the bar is charmingly modest and they’ll have the game on their multitude of televisions. We promise you’ll be chatting about the burgers long after the game is over.

Punch Bowl Social Club (65 Broadway). Punch Bowl Social Club has something for everyone, so if you have someone less than ecstatic for the Super Bowl, Punch Bowl has bowling, shuffleboard, pool, pinball, and arcade games in addition to the creative food, drinks, and giant televisions.

Illegal Pete’s (various locations). Local fast-casual Mexican food chain Illegal Pete’s locations are sprinkled throughout Denver and Boulder and are a great affordable option for watching the big game. They’ll have drink specials and giant burritos to sustain you through the game. Don’t forget the chips and famous queso, either!

Soiled Dove Underground (7401 E. 1st Ave). If you want to pay up front and just concentrate on the game, the Soiled Dove Underground in east Denver has a great all-you-can-eat-and-drink deal for $60, which when you break it down, is probably a steal for the four hours of the game. The venue normally hosts musical acts, so every seat will have a great angle for the game.

Regardless of how you spend your Super Bowl, all of us at Transwest wish you a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday. Of course, if you’re in the market for a trailer to haul some championship broncos of your own, browse our site today!

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