What Do I Need To Start Driving An RV?

rv If you’ve been dreaming about hitting the road in an RV and seeing America one mile at a time, you may wonder what exactly you need to get started. Here’s a brief guide to what you may or may not need to make your dream a reality.


License. Fortunately, in most states, your regular driver’s license is sufficient to get behind the wheel. However, there are some states where a Class A, Class B, or Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required, especially for larger RVs. For a list of requirements by state, you can visit this handy website, although for the final authority your state’s DMV is the best choice, as information is always changing.

Insurance. Just as you have to carry insurance for your car, you have to carry insurance for your RV. There are special policies available for RVs that cover things a traditional auto policy would not, such as full-timer liability. If you use your RV as a residence this would be similar to homeowner’s insurance. The Changin’ Gears site linked above also has a great page with companies that offer specialized RV policies. You can find that info and more here.

An RV! Of course,e you won’t begin your RV adventures without a recreational vehicle to serve as your home away from home. Here at Transwest, we have a wide assortment, from large luxury liners that would put a lot of apartments to shame, to smaller options for weekend getaways. If you’re curious about what options would suit you and your budget, please give us a call today!

And, never forget your warranty information!

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