What To Look For In An RV Space

rv park When you head out on the open road in your RV, you want your final stop to be just right. Sometimes you can simply make a reservation and the fates align to give you that perfect spot, but if you want a little insider help, here are a few things to look for when choosing an RV space.

Choosing the best stops for your recreational vehicle

Use a map. Many RV parks will have an online map that you can look at before making your reservation. Use this map to find a few spaces that look good to you instead of just taking a random suggestion.

Avoid the end of the road. Avoid spots which are at the end of roads, because at night you’ll be on the receiving end of every pair of headlights that comes down the path. The farther from the main road you can get, the less noise you’ll deal with as well.

Get out of the way. Snagging a spot right by the bathrooms might seem ideal until you realize it’s a 24/7 destination point for people in the campground. The same idea applies to attractions and on-site restaurants. It’s better to need to walk a bit than be besieged by other guests at any hour.

Inspect your spot. Once you arrive at the park, give your spot a quick look before parking and setting up home base. If your spot is dirty or the hookups are damaged, you’ll want another spot.

Don’t be afraid to ask. If the park is not full, and you see a more desirable spot, don’t be afraid to ask about switching. On the same note, if you arrive at the park and discover the spot you reserved is not the spot you’re assigned, don’t be afraid to request your original site.

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