2015 Itasca Ellipse Ultra Arrives at Transwest RV!

November 20, 2014

(Picture courtesy of Itasca)

It's rare to find a group so devoted and loyal; so passionate, and so close-knit as those that live their life through their RV, but we see that bond especially strong in Winnebago and Itasca owners. When you combine the 50 year history behind Winnebago, with quality construction and luxury they encompass in every coach, you get the 2015 Itasca Ellipse Ultra

Why the Ultra though? What is setting it apart from every other luxurious RV Itasca offers? 
Power driven, she's equipped with a Freightliner® Maxum Chassis® tag-axle chassis with lowered-rail construction, and a proven 450-hp Cummins® turbo-charged diesel engine. Comfort and luxury next, she lights up with beautiful LED lighting throughout, making entertaining easy both inside and out. A fireplace for those colder days, and a spacious kitchen, begging for gourment meals. Guaranteed to inspire you from the comfort within, fully furnished with Villa luxry furniture. Carefree® Paramount awnings extend from the top of the RV to three positions: slideout, slideout and window, and full-patio extension, something that makes the exterior of this coach stand out from its competition*.

We're proud to be one of the first to offer this at the 2015 Itasca Ellipse Ultra, and are excited to walk you through this coach inch by inch, to let you plan your next adventure in the next big thing, to help you own one of the first Itasca has ever released. Visit Transwest today, we're so excited to welcome you home.

*information provided directly from the Itasca website. Please visit their website for more information on the full Itasa line!