Cimarron Trailer’s Custom Feature of the Week: Smooth Skin Exterior.


Cimarron Trailer’s Custom Feature of the Week: Smooth Skin Exterior

We love the look of this Smooth Skin Exterior!

We love showing off what our customer’s dream up! We built this 3H Norstar trailer back in March.  Its 8′ wide and has a 14′ short wall and features a smooth white skinned exterior and custom graphics.  We think this smooth skin design is very clean, simple and gorgeous.
Here’s a picture of the result:

Although the aluminum side slat does add some strength to your trailer, the majority of the structural integrity comes from the floor and the side posts of the trailer.  Cimarron’s floor is made of interlocking tongue and groove aluminum built on 4″ centers.  Our side posts are 30% stronger than our competitors.  Visit our website and click on “Why Choose Cimarron” to learn more about what makes our trailer the best in the industry!
Thanks for checking out our Custom Feature of the Week!  We will see you next week.

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Andrew Lyons for Transwest Truck Trailer RV of Frederick
April 10, 2013
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