Giving You The Wings You Need

November 22, 2015

Dennis Photo

Dennis from Heber City, UT loved his 2012 Cimarron 5 horse, but found himself needing a 6 horse. We made a couple changes to this 2016 Cimarron Norstar 6 horse from his 5 horse. He added a swingout saddle rack to the front tack, and built the trailer 8ft wide. We continue to see truck companies build there trucks taller and taller. This causes an issue with truck bed to trailer clearance. We can adjust the coupler height to create more clearance but the trailer tends to not run level. With Dennis' new trailer we built the gooseneck drop wall 53 inches compared to the standard 50 inches. As you can see he has plenty of clearance and the trailer runs level. Thanks for the repeat business, Dennis!