LIVING QUARTERS TRAILERS (all the cool kids are doing it!)

June 19, 2017

There are several advantages to buying a trailer with living quarters. It helps you easily transport your horses and also lets you rest during breaks on your route. Trailers with living quarters are separated so that you and your horses can live and rest together yet still be separated by a wall or compartment.

Another advantage to buying a trailer with living quarters is that they are available in a variety of sizes and designs. You can choose one according to your own personal needs. They can range from a basic living quarters design to an extravagant model that rival a luxury motorhome.

These trailers may seem expensive at first, but when you factor in the cost of motels for people who travel with their horses often, then they prove worth the cost.

Check out all of the living quarter’s trailers available at Transwest!

2011 Sonner 3H Living Quarters Horse Trailer - Transwest Truck Trailer RV 800-909-7071Jim decided that he wanted to purchase a living quarter’s horse trailer instead of a motorhome. There are not many dealerships that you can trade motorhomes for living quarters horse trailers and that is just another reason to look at Transwest.






2011 Sundowner 4H Living Quarters Horse Trailer - Transwest Truck Trailer RV 800-909-7071

Ted and Kristy stopped by Transwest and picked up this pre-owned 2011 Sundowner 4H living quarters trailer. This has everything they were looking for in a living quarters. Their travels will be made easier with air conditioning, a 2-burner cooktop, a dinette, and even a walk-in closet!