RV Living with Coach-net Protection

May 15, 2018



If you are and outdoor enthusiast or you are planning to be an RV owner, it’s time for you to enjoy your experience to the fullest!  Enjoy more of your time outdoors WORRY FREE!


When you travel with Coach-Net, who frankly have been around since 1987, you know that emergency roadside services tailored for the special needs of RV-ers like you are completely handled.


What you want, and what you need from your RV protection is a bundle of services that give you solid peace-of-mind coverage!  There are more products and services than ever before, with an ongoing promise to your safety and security! As your roadside advisor, our commitment will be here for years to come!


Coach-Net Protect Introduces :


  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance - 24/7 RV technical and roadside assistance

  • Hazard Protect - Tire and wheel protection

  • RV Protect  - Service contract (extended warranty) for new and used RVs

  • Asset Protect - Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

  • Finish Protect - Paint & fabric protection


Make sure you ask your Transwest  RV salesman about Coach-Net!!