Customer Testimonial: Transwest Fixed My Dilemma - And Fast!

June 19, 2013

I just wanted to pass along a thank you to one of your employees, Jason Velder. My parents were going to take their RV for an outing when they returned to town. Of course the RV should have been fine as it was fine when it was parked last year but when I got it out to gas it up etc there was a problem with the front end. In calling around I found you are the only place in the north end of town. I ended up talking with Jason regarding my dilemma and while dismayed to hear that your appointments were booked for several weeks, he was pretty sure he may be able to work it in if I would be able to leave it with him. The end result is that the problem in the front end was fixed, as well a few things we had no idea about, before their planned departure date and my parents are still out there somewhere enjoying their RV which means they don’t have any projects for me to help with, at least until their return. This would not have been possible without Jason's help.

Thanx bunches, Wayne