Customer Testimonial: Thank You for Your Assistance and Great Service

July 03, 2013

Robert Marshall and his wife Kim purchased a new 2014 Cimarron horse trailer and pose as they take delivery! Robert wanted to send Transwest a little appreciation for our knowledgeable staff and great customer service.

I just wanted to thank you again for all the assistance and good service that you gave on my recent purchase of the Cimarron Trailer. I know that putting on the dividers was a challange.I had purchased my "entry level" trailer a few years ago in Texas and in researching trailers was prepared to go back to Texas to purchase my upgrade. As an afterthought, when I was in Denver for business earlier this Spring, I stopped by Transwest Trailers. As you know, there are many good trailers on the market, Cimarron being one of them.  It was your interest in finding the appropriate trailer for me, your obvious knowledge of trailers and your willingness to listen to my needs that made me commit to buying a trailer from you and Transwest. I could not have been more pleased. The trailer handled as you predicted and was so much easier to trailer than my prior one. The horses loaded/unloaded without any issues  or balking.  We stopped a number of times on the way home to check on them. The inside of the trailer was cool even when it was 90 degrees outside and the horses stayed very relaxed all the way home.
   -Robert Marshall