How-To Winterize from the Experts at Transwest

September 15, 2014

Winter is coming! It is about that time to start thinking about winterizing your Motorhome or Travel Trailer. Our Experts at Transwest want to help You by giving you this Step by Step guide to winterizing your Motorhome or Travel Trailer on your own. If you do not want to take the time to do it yourself, let our experts do it for you. Call our Service Department today! 816-892-5953


Recommended  Winterize Method:

1. Drain fresh water tank. Drain hot water heater. 

2. Dump and flush both the black and gray water holding 

tanks Be sure to leave the gray water valve open. 

3. Screw compressed air adaptor (BLOW OUT PLUG) 

into the fresh water inlet. This adapter is available from 

Transwest Truck Trailer RV. 

4. Slowly apply compressed air, keeping the air pressure 

less than 20 lbs/sq. inch.

5. Open every faucet, one valve at a time, allowing the 

compressed air to force water out of the line. Don’t forget 

the shower and toilet. 

6. Remove the drain plug from the hot water tank and 

allow the compressed air to blow out the remaining water. 

Reinstall the drain plug. 

7. Remove the compressed air source and adaptor.

8. Close the water heater by-pass valve. 

9. Remove the water line that runs between the fresh water 

pump and fresh water tank, where it joins the fresh water tank. 

You can also install a Pump Converter Kit, allowing you to draw 

straight from your jug of RV antifreeze with the flip of a valve. 

10. Insert the end of the line into a gallon jug of RV 




11. Start the fresh water pump. It will stop as pressure in the 

system builds up.

12. Open each faucet, one at a time, until antifreeze 

appears, shut the faucet. Don’t forget the shower and toilet. 

13. Remove the line from the jug of antifreeze and reattach 

it to the fresh water tank. 

14. Shut the gray water valve. 

15. Pour a few cups of antifreeze down each drain of the toilet.