Take your Child to Work Day

May 01, 2017

Katelynn Turner was able to spend the day with her dad Ed Turner our Service Manager on Take Your Child to Work Day. She learned all about the RV's and what her dad does during the day managing our RV service shop. She created this awesome picture of where she thinks everyone should take their RV.


Transwest has always made it clear that family is very important to them, and encourage people to bring their children with them to work on this special day. 


Take Your Child to Work Day History...

Take Your Daughters to Work Day started in the early 1990's as a day to just take your daughters to work. This observance day was created to show our daughters the wide range of work experiences were out there to choose from. In 2003 Sons were added to make it Take Your Child to Work Day.


Now the day is seen as a way to show our children the value of their education may bring, and the importance of working hard as well as keeping a great relationship with their families with a positive work-life balance.


Great Job Katelynn!!!