Features of the Best Off-Road Campers

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Apr 05, 2021
Features of the Best Off-Road Campers

Driving off the beaten track to set up camp in the silence of the woods with the right off-road camper allows campers to enjoy the comforts of a cozy tiny home on the road. The off-road camper gives you the ability to drive down the rougher, less-traveled roads.

For the adventure-driven camper, choosing the right off-road camper can unlock a whole new set of trails, summits, rivers, and night skies. These campers are designed to handle the rigors of off-roading while still offering the classic amenities of a traditional RV.

If you’re on the hunt for the best off-road camper, check out the following list of features that set apart the best campers from the rest.

Durable Build

One of the top priorities when taking a camper down desolate and, in many cases, rough roads is having a durable build. The last thing you want is for your camper to fail you when you are in remote parts of the country.

Choosing a camper with a durable build has a lot to do with the chassis that the off-road vehicle is built on.

Two chassis known for their high quality are the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis and the Ford Transit Chassis. These chassis are esteemed for their extreme durability and off-roading capabilities.

The Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit are known for their durability. They are also a quality pick for off-roading due to their powerful engines and transmissions, which allow them to summit rough roads without issue.

When looking for an off-road camper, pay careful attention to what vehicle the camper is built on.

Quality Tires

Another top priority when choosing the best off-road camper is the quality of the tires on the vehicle. Even the best camper can quickly be compromised if the tires and wheels on it are not designed for off-road capabilities.

Opt for knobby, premium quality tires. While upgrading to off-road tires and wheels comes with a price tag, it is well worth every penny when navigating rough backroads.

Convenient Amenities

In addition to the importance of an off-road camper’s ability to navigate on rough roads and remain durable is the presence of convenient amenities. After all, the entire point of having an off-road camper rather than just an off-road vehicle is to make camping comfortable and convenient.

Opt for an off-road camper that offers the following amenities:

  • Solar Power: Having solar power as an option allows you to spend more time away from civilization and creates fewer dependencies on campgrounds with shore power. Solar power can be used to charge cell phones, GoPros, and laptops for long trips on the road. Not only that, but with ample solar power, you can keep a refrigerator going, power a stove, and light up your camper at night.
  • Kitchen: A kitchen is a great addition to an off-road camper. While cooking over a campfire can be an enjoyable experience, an interior kitchen is a wonderful amenity to have in place for rainy days and quick roadside meals. Look for a kitchen that has a built-in refrigerator as well. This allows you to bring along perishable food and keep your beverages cold, all without being dependent on purchasing bags of ice.
  • Built-In Accessories: The best off-road campers are designed to fuel your next adventure. Look for an off-road camper with built-in accessories that will add convenience to your next trip. For example, a built-in air compressor can allow you to quickly air up your mountain bike’s tires, and a built-in awning can make setting up camp efficient.

Convertible Spaces

The reality is that most off-road campers are smaller in size than luxury RVs to ensure optimal maneuverability on small roads. This means that the space you own needs to be well designed, allowing you to have the most features possible without making the area cramped.

The best off-road campers are equipped with convertible spaces. For example, a bed that can fold into the wall and convert into a dining area will allow you to enjoy a cozy sleeping space and a nice area to eat or work.

Room for What You Prioritize

You take your off-road camper to remote locations to get away from it all and also to enjoy the outdoor sports you love. When choosing the best off-road camper, be sure to look for a camper that will give you ample space to bring along your outdoor gear and equipment.

  • Interior Storage Space: Even though off-road campers are generally smaller than traditional RVs, you don’t have to sacrifice quality interior storage space. The best off-road campers will implement built-in storage for clothes, cookware, and more.
  • Gear Storage Space: Check to ensure that there is enough storage space to bring all the outdoor gear you need. Many off-road campers will feature a dedicated “garage” to hold bulkier items.
  • Tie Downs: For the avid mountain biker or kayaker, having the right tie-downs is key. Look for an off-road camper that will make it easy to safely haul recreational items.

Bug Screens

Nothing is worse than setting up camp, climbing into your bed at night, and realizing that mosquitos are joining you for the evening.

Choose an off-road camper that features screens specifically designed for keeping bugs out of your living space. This will allow you to enjoy a nice evening breeze without allowing any pests to join your adventure.

Talk to Us Today About the Best Off-Road Camper

If you are looking to purchase an off-road camper, our team is here to help. At Transwest, we believe in assisting our customers in finding the ideal camper for their specific needs. Whether you plan just to spend a week off-grid, or you’re looking to join a full-time van lifestyle, we can set you up with the perfect off-road camper for your needs. Come visit us today and learn more about our quality inventory of campers and RVs.


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