Getting your RV out of storage!  Mud Dobbers, Yellow Jackets, Wasps…Oh My!

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Feb 28, 2017
Getting your RV out of storage!  Mud Dobbers, Yellow Jackets, Wasps…Oh My!

What to look for when you pull your RV out of storage

Appliances where pests will make nests: refrigerator, water heater, A/C, and furnace.

With less than 20 days until Spring, most of us are getting excited for the 2017 Camping Season. Before you fire up the RV and hit the road, there some things you should be aware of in efforts to not make RV stand for “Ruined Vacation.” 

One of the most common causes of refrigerator and water heater failures in RV’s is mud dobber/wasp/hornet/yellow jacket nests. These pests can be a pain in the butt. Your LP/Electric Dometic or Norcold refers have a burn tube located behind the exterior panel of your RV. Simply locate your fridge on the inside of your RV, then go outside to see where the panel is.simply take a quarter to turn the keepers 45 degrees to open the panel. *this may require holding your tongue just right to get the panel to wiggle loose. See photo #2 to determine where these pests like to nest. accessing the burn tube should be accomplished with the most basic tools such as a screwdriver or ratchet set.


I use a wire coat hanger to break loose the nest and clear any nest debris inside the burner tube. re-install components you may have had to remove and don’t forget to put the condensation drip tube back through your refer panel you initially removed. 

Happy Camping my friends!!!!

Your friend with the right RV,Tony G.


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