Making Your Own Snacks For The Road

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Jan 14, 2014
Making Your Own Snacks For The Road

If you spend a lot of time on the road, it’s no secret that food options that are both tasty and not total junk can be in extremely rare supply. But with a little planning on your part, you can hit the road with snacks that you not only prefer, but that will serve your body better over the long haul. Here are a few tips and ideas for making your own road snacks.


Go nuts. Nuts are a terrific food for the road. They keep extremely well over time and offer a nice combination of good fats and protein. Almonds offer a good balance of fat (16 grams) and protein (6.7 grams) while on the other end of the scale, macadamias are high in fat (33.8g) and low in protein (3.5g), so mix it up if you prefer the fattier nuts.

Blaze your own trail. Trail mix is a staple for the road, but when you’re buying prepared trail mix there might be one ingredient you can’t stand, be it raisins, banana chips, or coconut. Making your very own custom trail mix ensures every handful is just what you wanted. Simply visit a grocer that carries bulk items like nuts and dried fruit and then assemble your mix. Think of the attributes you get from each ingredient you add, and try to stress the positives, but recognize those drawbacks. You get a nice little caffeine boost from chocolate, but if you add too much you’ll have a sugar crash later.

Make your own chips. We aren’t going to lie to you and pretend that regular chips aren’t delicious. They are. But a steady diet of snack chips is only going to lead you in one direction, and that’s down in the dumps. Satisfy your craving for chips by making your own -gasp- kale chips. That’s right, you can season and bake kale into a crunchy snack that is a lot more fun to eat than a salad. Here’s a simple recipe for kale chips, but you can add your own ingredients, like garlic, parmesan cheese, etc. Once you find a recipe you prefer, you may not reach for the sour cream and onion potato chips again!

Eating well on the road eases not only the stress of travel, but doesn’t leave you trying to lose unwanted pounds when you’re back at home base. As for getting around out there, we have everything from horse trailers to semis to fit your need. Browse our selection today!


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