RV Security Tips

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Aug 07, 2013
RV Security Tips

Your RV is your home away from home, and just like with your permanent home, you want your mobile home to be as safe and secure as possible. While most RV parks are full of warm-hearted, like-minded travel enthusiasts, crime is possible anywhere.

Here are a few quick tips to keep your RV safe and secure.

Lock up. If you’re leaving your RV, it’s a good idea to lock it up, regardless of what valuables you may have left inside. Even if the rest of the park is empty, it’s a good habit to establish locking all the doors when you leave. If you have gear outside your RV when you’re leaving, it could disappear before you return, so take a few moments and stash it securely.

Use your car. Unfortunately, many RV locks aren’t the strongest, and your RV may not have an alarm system. If you have a car or truck with you, keep your valuables locked in there, so they will be protected by your car’s alarm system.

Don’t advertise. If you’re conversing with strangers in the RV park, there’s no need to tell them what gadgets or electronics you may have brought on your trip. Needlessly bragging about your recreational toys is a great way to give someone a tour of your RV without them ever stepping inside, so avoid it.

Introduce yourself. Even if you’re not especially outgoing, it doesn’t hurt to introduce yourself if you have neighbors in the RV park. It’s friendly, for starters, but it also removes anonymity from both of you. Addressing someone by name lets them know that you’re aware of them, and remember them.

Again, most RV parks are full of great people enjoying time out on the road, but the above tips are such small, simple habits, that they will only enhance your own RV security.


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