Tips To Secure Your RV

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Mar 06, 2014
Tips To Secure Your RV

Vacation season is just around the corner, and if you’re an RV enthusiast, now may be the time to consider how secure your RV is when you hit the road. Here are a few tips to boost your RVs security.

RV Safety begins with You!

Locks. Your RV comes with locks, so the first step is making sure they’re all in working order. If you don’t feel the standard issue locks are enough, you can buy heavier bolt locks and install them. You can also buy window locks, although if they are opened with an Allen key, make sure to have that key in an easy, known place in case of fire. Our parts team can assist you with the right recreational vehicle parts!

Lights. Motion-activated lights are a great way to thwart any unwelcome guests (including animals). You can also set up exterior flood lights not only to illuminate your surroundings for convenience but for added security.

Alarms. Just as you can buy security systems for your home base, you can buy one for your RV as well. Systems vary from simple designs that merely produce an alarm, to more complex options that have an alarm, strobe light, and send you texts and emails. Think of where you generally use your RV when choosing a system. If you’re using it to head into remote territory where you won’t receive any phone signal, a system that texts you might not be a priority.

The best security system for your recreational vehicle is common sense. Put your valuables inside when leaving your site, and assume anything that is left out can be taken. Even larger items like bicycles are at risk for theft, so chain them up when they’re left alone. If you’re in the market to upgrade your RV, browse our excellent selections today!


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