Top Six Myths About RVing, Busted

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Jun 21, 2021
Man's hand out the window while riding in an RV

RVing is a popular American activity. From spending your weekends escaping to the mountains to turning your RV into your full-time home, RVing is a unique way to see the countryside without leaving comfort behind.

If you are considering purchasing an RV but have been held back, it might be due to one of the many common RV myths floating out there. Today, we’ll take a look at the top six myths about RVing and expose the truth behind this wonderful recreational lifestyle.

#1: You Have to Be Willing to Drive a Big Rig

What comes to mind when you envision an RV? Do you picture a massive 30-foot to 40-foot long vehicle?

If so, you might be deterred from purchasing an RV because you are concerned about driving a large rig down the highway.

However, even if you prefer driving smaller vehicles, there is an RV for you. RVs come in a variety of sizes and styles, with some as small as a standard-size van. These RVs are easy to maneuver and make a great entry-level choice for someone looking to get started in the world of RVing.

It is also worth noting that modern RVs are equipped with extra safety features such as backup cameras. This advancement has made it much easier to drive larger motorhomes than it used to be.

#2: It’s Only for Retirees

Historically, many people have associated RVing with retirement. Perhaps your grandparents retired from their jobs, sold their house, and spent a few years on the road.

However, while RVs are popular with retirees, they are not the only ones enjoying the luxury of a home on wheels.

RVs are a popular choice for families, couples, and even solo travelers. The reality is that an RV offers you the ability to travel in comfort almost anywhere the road goes. With the vast selection of RV styles on the market today, there is an RV to match any lifestyle.

#3: You’ll Spend Too Much on Money on Gas

In some cases, people are held back from purchasing an RV because they are concerned about the fuel cost.

While older motorhomes from the '70s and ’80s may have been notorious for guzzling gas, today’s modern vehicles are designed to be far more fuel-efficient.

Additionally, with smaller RV options on the market, such as campervans, there are many RVs that get excellent gas mileage.

If you are concerned about how much gas your RV will burn, talk to your Transwest sales representative about the newest and best fuel-efficient models.

#4: RVs Are Too Expensive

For many, the idea of owning an RV seems out of reach. These folks assume that an RV is an expensive purchase requiring a ton of cash upfront.

The reality is that RVs are available across a wide range of prices and there are many options available for the budget-conscious.

Additionally, a reputable RV dealership like Transwest will provide financing options, making it possible to purchase an RV on almost any budget.

If the cost of an RV has held you back, look into all your options before giving up. You might be surprised at just how affordable an RV can be. This is especially true when you factor in the amount of money you can save on your next trip by not paying for hotels along the way.

#5: RVs Are Only for Vacations

While it is true that an RV is the perfect vehicle for a two-week-long vacation with the family, that isn’t their only use.

RVs are an excellent choice for those who enjoy weekend getaways or even for those considering an alternative way of living.

Your RV is your ticket to freedom. It allows you to turn a long weekend into a true mini vacation. It even makes it possible for those who are retired or can work from the road to travel full time. RVs are for far more than a once-a-year vacation.

#6: RVs Are All the Same

Too often, people assume that if they have seen one RV they have seen them all. However, RVs are far from one-in-the-same. There is not only a huge variety in sizes of RVs, but there is also a vast difference in the amenities each RV offers.

From luxury bus conversions to small adventure vans, RVs can be outfitted with almost anything your home has.

The following are all differences you might find when shopping RVs:

  • Sleeping arrangements: Some RVs are equipped with a single bed, while others offer multiple sleeping options. In many cases, larger RVs feature slideouts, which contain additional beds.
  • Seating areas: RVs are equipped with a variety of seating arrangements. Larger RVs often include both a dining area and a living room, while smaller Class Bs might implement a convertible seating area that acts as both a dinette and work space.
  • Kitchen style: For those seeking out a true culinary experience, large RVs can be designed with full-size kitchens. For those in search of a simpler, more compact option, a single burner stovetop and small fridge might suffice. Regardless of your kitchen wishes, there’s an RV to match it.
  • Bathroom options: Some RVs are designed with full bathrooms complete with a shower, while others don’t feature a bathroom at all. Depending on how you plan to use your RV, you can pick the option that is right for your needs.

Find Your Dream RV to Fit Your Budget at Transwest

If you have been considering the purchase of an RV but have been held back by any of these common myths, we invite you to visit us at Transwest. We carry a quality inventory of RVs ranging from the grand and luxurious to the small and adventurous. No matter what type of RV you are looking for, we will be happy to help.

Additionally, we offer RV financing options to help ensure that you can purchase the perfect vehicle at a price your budget can afford. Talk to us today to learn more.


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