Transwest Parcel Delivery Customers are the BEST!

September 22, 2017



Thank You so much.  This had to be the most easiest pick up I have ever had.  They knew I was coming, the truck was parked and ready to go. In and out in less then 10 mins.  That's a first with me.  In the past we have sat around for over an hour or two.  So I'm very happy that you communicated well with Morgan Olsen and everything was there ready to go.  Usually the temp tags or the company I'm buying the truck from hasn't talked to M.O. at all letting them know I'm showing up.  So for this I'm giving you 5 stars. LOL.   I will definitely let the other contractors know about you.


Thanks again,

Troy Cushman

K.A.P.S. Inc

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