Top Six Commercial Trailer Parts for 2021

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Aug 02, 2021
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Commercial trailers are integral to hauling goods across town or across the country. These trailers are equipped with a complex array of parts and mechanisms that keep them operating smoothly.

For fleet managers, ensuring that these trailers are in tip-top condition is critical to reducing costly downtime and increasing safety on the road.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top six commercial trailer parts for 2021 that can contribute to the improved function of these specialty trailers.

#1: CoMan Brake Shoes

At the center of driver safety is a quality braking system. Unfortunately, the components of a commercial trailer’s braking system can begin to corrode over time due to salt, air pollution, and road debris.

One component particularly vulnerable to corrosion is your trailer's brake shoes, which is why CoMan has put a heavy focus on creating an advanced coating and curing system. This system helps to mitigate rusting in trailer brake shoes, leading to long-term durability.

In order to create these durable brake shoes, CoMan uses a unique process of cleaning the surface of a brake shoe and then dip coating the shoe in a special paint formulation. They dip coat at twice the industry standard thickness for extreme corrosion resistance. To finish the process, they use a four-step drying process to extend the life cycle of the brake shoe.

The end result is that brake shoes can remain operational longer, reducing the money and time spent on replacing these critical brake components.

#2: Webb Brake Drums

As any fleet manager or truck driver knows, brake drums on commercial trailers are prone to overheating. For this reason, Webb has designed brake drums that run 10 percent cooler than standard brake drums. These drums feature a patented design that utilizes external cooling ribs to conduct heat away from the brake surface. The end result is that heat is dissipated more efficiently, lessening the risk of overheating.

In addition to their focus on keeping your braking system cool, Webb brake drums also come equipped with a patented wear indicator. This indicator makes it simple for drivers to perform a visual inspection, reducing the amount of guesswork involved with brake maintenance.

Known for their reliable and high-quality products, Webb has long been a trusted name in the world of heavy-duty brake applications. When it's time to replace your trailer’s brake drums, Webb products are a quality choice.

#3: Rochling Bed Liners

Commercial trailer beds undergo a large amount of stress and daily wear. This makes it critical to invest in a quality bed liner that can stand up to the most extreme of conditions.

Leading the way in bed liners is Rochling. Their Matrox®, Ramex® and Polystone® D lining systems are non-stick surfaces that can hold up against the daily rigors of hauling. Their products are designed with a self-lubricating and impact-resistant polymer that makes them an ideal choice for commercial trailers.

Their bed liners are also equipped with low surface friction. This helps prevent load sticking, and contributes to an even load release when dumping. Additionally, Rochling liners are created to reduce dump angles, which can help prevent dangerous tip-overs and can contribute to a longer service life from your trailer’s hydraulic system and bed.

#4: Muncie & Chelsea PTOs and Hydraulic Pumps

At the top of the list in PTOs and hydraulic pump parts are Munice and Chelsea.

Muncie Power Products specializes in power take-offs and fluid power components for heavy-duty work trucks. They are dedicated to ensuring that their products offer the maximum value to their customers. With a long history of providing PTO products for the truck equipment industry, their components are well trusted for their reliability and durability.

Similarly, Chelsea has been an industry leader in the auxiliary power market since 1945. They engineer everything you need for pulling, pushing, or lifting. Each product is backed by innovation and a commitment to long-term performance.

#5: Weatherhead Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings

Weatherhead has been leading the way in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic hose, hose ends, assembly equipment, tube fittings, couplings, and support accessories for years. Their premium products are trusted across applications, including in the use of commercial trailers.

When you are looking to replace a hose or fitting on your trailer’s hydraulic system, Weatherhead is there to provide you with the quality product you need to safely continue operations.

#6: Apitong Wood Flooring

For commercial trailers equipped with a flatbed, the right durable surface is a must. For this reason, many turn to Apitong, a popular exotic hardwood species from Southeast Asia. This high-density wood makes an ideal decking due to its low moisture content. It is also resistant to the growth of fungi.

Above all else, Apitong makes a great choice for truck trailer bed decking due to its extreme durability. Adding to the appeal of this hardwood is the affordability of the product.

Visit Transwest to Find the Top Commercial Trailer Parts

If your commercial trailer is in need of new parts or maintenance services, come visit our team at Transwest. We understand how important it is for you to keep your commercial trailers up and running, while ensuring driver safety. For this reason, we stock only the highest quality inventory of commercial trailer parts backed by leading manufacturers.

Additionally, we will be happy to assist you with repairs, maintenance, and DOT inspections at one of our many service center locations. Our talented technicians work efficiently to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Come visit us today or reach out to inquire about a specific part or service need.


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