Drop Deck Trailer

Drop Deck Trailers

Drop deck trailers, popular in the construction industry, are available in a variety of brands and configurations. Let Transwest connect your business with the perfect trailer.

Transwest carries only the highest quality Drop Deck Trailers

Transwest sells new and used high-quality drop deck commercial trailers from trusted brands such as Dorsey, and Trail King. Check out the best Drop Deck Trailers from Dorsey, Trail King, and more.

About Drop Deck Trailers

Drop deck trailers have a flat trailer bed that drops in height after the trailer clears the truck or tractor. The drop-in deck height allows for the trailer to sit as low to the road surface as possible, making it a perfect vehicle for hauling tall equipment such as forklifts, construction gear, and other heavy-duty equipment. The low trailer deck height also makes it easier for operators to load equipment onto the trailer.

Construction companies with their own trucking and hauling equipment often purchase drop deck trailers. Cartage companies that specialize in providing services to heavy equipment manufacturers, construction crews, and military vehicles transport also typically have a fleet of drop deck trailers so that they can accommodate their large loads.

Transwest sells both new and used drop deck trailers of varying sizes and configurations. We stock our yards with brand names that are known throughout the industry as rugged, high-quality, and trusted. Trail King,  and Dorsey drop trailers are among the manufacturers available in our inventory. If you aren’t sure which brand, size, or configuration your business needs, our experienced staff can help guide you through the selection and purchase process. In addition, Transwest offers trailer servicing to keep your fleet on the road as long as possible.

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The Transwest Difference

Since 1994, Transwest Trailers has been a premier dealer in trailer rentals and sales, both new and used, from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We’re proud to serve customers at our five dealership locations across the U.S. in industries like agriculture, commercial, construction, propane, oil and gas, and refined fuel. We pride ourselves on our expertise and customer service, which is why our team members are trained to understand how to best assist you in choosing the ideal trailer for your specific needs.

We’re a one-stop-shop for trailer purchases and rentals with Parts & Service also available at each dealership location. Transwest Trailers also offers financing options to ensure that you’re investing in the trailer you need at the time you need it most. Whether you already know the exact trailer type and manufacturer you want, or you need help comparing different choices, we’re here to help. Shop our inventory online and then contact us with any questions or to schedule a visit.

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