LPG Bobtail Truck

LPG Bobtail Trucks

LPG bobtail trucks are widely used to transport propane. Transwest sells new and used LPG bobtails with various options to meet your business' needs.

About Liquid Petroleum Gas Bobtail Trucks

LPG (liquified petroleum gas) bobtail trucks are used to transport propane. The trucks are referred to as bobtails because they do not make use of a trailer. Instead, the truck itself contains the fuel tank, pumping equipment, hose reel, and gauges. LPG bobtails are straight trucks that are specially designed for the weight and rigor of hauling propane efficiently and safely. Transwest exclusively sells Summit Truck Bodies LPG bobtails, which have been trusted by our customers for decades.

Propane companies and those that distribute the propane for such companies make extensive use of LPG bobtail trucks. With a fuel tank capacity of between 3,200 and 5,300 gallons, LPG bobtails can transport propane effectively from the source to customers. Some bobtails even have small propane tank filling stations to easily refill barbecue propane tanks. Propane is also sold directly to consumers to heat homes and business, to power appliances, and to even fuel some vehicles.

Transwest sells, finances, and services LPG bobtail trucks. There are always rugged, high-quality Summit Truck Bodies LPG bobtails in stock, and if custom dimensions for add-ons are required, we work with Summit to deliver the exact bobtail you need. Rather than spending time searching for the truck, contact one of our team members and have them do the legwork for you. We make it easy to source, price, and purchase your LPG bobtail truck.

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