7 Common Commercial Uses of a Flatbed Trailer

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Jan 18, 2021
Semi pulling flatbed trailer

Flatbed trailers are an important part of any commercial trucking fleet. With their open beds and ability to handle heavy loads, these workhorses are responsible for transporting a large amount of cargo across the country every single day. 

Transwest offers a variety of trailers, including numerous flatbed trailer styles. From lowboys to drop decks, our inventory of flatbeds are designed to meet the varied needs of the transportation industry. 

The following outlines seven of the most common commercial uses for a flatbed trailer. From hauling goods across the nation to transporting equipment around town, flatbeds are an integral part of the transportation industry. 

Hauling Construction Equipment

One major reason to use flatbed trailers is to haul equipment. In many cases, equipment used on construction sites and in roadwork, such as skid steers, bulldozers, and excavators, can be difficult to maneuver. These items should not be driven on normal roadways. For this reason, the equipment needs to be transported from one job site to another on the back of a trailer. 

A flatbed trailer makes it easy to load equipment onto the trailer, quickly relocating these bulky items to the right destination. In addition to being able to move equipment that would be difficult to drive to job sites, flatbed trailers make it possible for a single operator to transport multiple pieces of equipment at once. This improves efficiency while ensuring the safe transport of important construction and roadside equipment. 

During equipment hauling, items will be driven onto the flatbed or lifted onto the trailer. From there, they will be secured to the trailer using specialized ratchets and straps. 

Transporting Building and Construction Materials

For large building and construction projects, bulky materials will often need to be transported to the job site. Items that might be placed on the back of a flatbed trailer include all of the following:

  • Piping
  • Rebar
  • Lumbar
  • Large concrete blocks
  • Prefabbed buildings
  • Steel frames
  • Scaffolding
  • Fence posts
  • And more

The beauty of transporting materials on a flatbed trailer is that even extremely long or bulky materials can make the cut. While an enclosed trailer requires items to fit in a specific space, a flatbed offers more room for overhang. 

As is the case with transporting equipment, construction materials have to be carefully secured to the trailer. Without the help of walls and framing, items can easily fall off if they are not properly affixed to the flatbed. 

Moving Scrap Metals and Recyclables

Across the country, flatbed trailers are used regularly to haul scrap metals, baled tires, and other recyclables. The large bed of these trailers makes it possible to pile on large amounts of materials. 

In many cases, scrap metal is unwieldy and hard to organize. From old piping to residential refrigerators, a flatbed trailer can handle loads that are more difficult to fit into confined spaces. Additionally, items such as baled tires do not need protection from the elements, which makes a flatbed trailer the perfect fit. 

Carrying Landscaping Items

From the backhoes used to dig out trenches to full-grown trees for planting, a flatbed trailer is often used to transport landscaping goods and equipment.

With the numerous sizes of flatbed trailers available on the market, there is a flatbed trailer to match any landscaping needs. For a localized residential landscaping team, a small flatbed that can be towed by a pickup truck will make it easy to transport saplings, ride-on lawnmowers, and various tools. For a larger business, a full-sized flatbed capable of hauling large equipment is optimal for improving business efficiencies. 

No matter how big or small the project, a flatbed trailer offers landscaping teams an efficient method for hauling all tools, equipment, and supplies on one deck. 

Transporting Oil and Gas Rigs

In many states, the oil and gas industry has seen a huge boom. This has required teams to constantly build up and tear down rigs in record time. Flatbed trailers are central to this process. With ample room and the ability to tie down multiple pieces of equipment on one flatbed, these trailers make it possible for teams to efficiently transport entire rigs from one job site to another. 

Moving Agricultural Equipment and Goods

Farmers and ranchers alike turn to flatbed trailers to move equipment and goods around their property. From hauling hay bales to the barn to moving bulky field equipment from one field to the next, flatbed trailers are central to the daily operations of most agricultural businesses. 

Not only do flatbed trailers make it easy to haul anything necessary for daily ag work, but they are also available in a variety of sizes, allowing farmers and ranchers to choose something that will pair well with their existing truck. 

Miscellaneous Oversize Load Use

Drive down any major interstate in the US and you will likely encounter an oversize load or two. From transporting massive windmill components to moving prefabricated homes, a flatbed trailer is a go-to choice for oversize load transportation. 

Oversize loads can hang over the sides of a flatbed trailer without issue, making them ideal for loads that are too wide for a standard trailer. By properly marking the load, and traveling with accompanying pilot cars, a flatbed trailer makes it possible to transport items legally that would otherwise be considered too heavy or wide for hauling. Keep in mind that different states have different legal requirements for oversize loads, making it important for professionals to research prior to transporting bulky cargo. 

Flatbed Trailers Built with Durability In Mind

At Transwest, we carry a quality inventory of flatbed trailers. From large flatbeds designed to handle oversize loads to smaller models perfect for a local business, we can help you secure the ideal trailer for your fleet.

Backed by trusted manufacturers, our flatbed trailers are built to handle the rigors of the job ahead, ensuring that you can continue to operate your business efficiently and effectively. Talk to our knowledgeable staff today about your specific hauling needs, and we will pair you with the right trailer for the road ahead. 



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