Summit Bodyworks acquires Alfred Industries

Summit Bodyworks is excited to announce the recent asset purchase of Alfred Industries and Alfred Industries

Specialty Vehicle Divisions – now known as Summit Bodyworks Truck & Van Bodies.

Since 1948, Alfred Industries has been a leader in the building of van bodies, trailers, and specialty truck equipment. Known for their impeccable detail to craftsmanship and reliability, we are proud to carry on this tradition as Summit Bodyworks Truck & Van Bodies.

Summit Bodyworks – Truck & Van Bodies will continue at the Henderson, CO location offering component fabrication, manufacturing, installation, assembly, painting, and service of truck & van bodies – including the production of decontamination apparatus and trailers for a number of emergency agencies.

We are very excited to combine the expertise of 2 companies known for industry leading quality and innovation to create a true one-of-a-kind company where customers can realize the benefit of working with a company that can provide everything from the chassis, the body and all interior upfit in one place.

Summit Bodyworks :

13525 Co Rd. 8

Ft. Lupton, CO 80621


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