Employee Spotlight: Dallas Delay

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Nov 02, 2017
Employee Spotlight: Dallas Delay

Customer Service Doesn’t End at the Purchase

Communication is one of the most important pieces in the medium duty service puzzle. That’s why at Transwest we have a unique position, the Up-Time Coordinator, and a uniquely qualified employee, Dallas Delay, to fill it.

Dallas has been with Transwest for over 6 years. He spent 4 years as a shop foreman, and 2 years as a service manager. His service background gives him the knowledge to back up our customers and hold authority when he contacts dealers and manufacturers.

So, what does he do for you?

His job is to be an advocate for any customer with service-related issues. Getting a truck in and out of the shop as quickly as possible, while making sure every repair was done properly, is his main priority. Some issues can arise, such as:

  • Taking too long to look at the truck and start the service

  • Calls not being returned

  • Conflicting information about the repair

  • Parts are out of stock

  • No repair timeline given

  • Incomplete repair

Dallas contacts the dealer directly to get our customers the answers they need. He reviews quotes and finds out the reasons behind every cost. He reviews the repairs needed and checks for any potential warranties. He also verifies the diagnosis matches the complaint, so that down-time is minimized.

I can step in and challenge dealers, doing everything possible to make sure each unit is in and out of the shop quickly, and fixed right.

In extreme cases, when the shop’s mechanics are completely out of time and cannot find a reported issue, Dallas will go out with a driver to road test a unit to replicate it and bring that information back.

Drivers are able to rely on Dallas’ support, no matter where in the country they are. One customer called him to just get more information about his repair when the dealer wasn’t providing him with any. Dallas stepped in, only to find out that the mechanic that ran the diagnostics had completed his shift and left the customer’s truck with an incomplete repair order. The parts request came through, and the dealer notified Dallas. He quickly saw that things didn’t add up, and got in contact with the mechanic that ran the diagnostic. They confirmed that the repair was incomplete, and that if the truck left, the problem would persist. Because of Dallas, that truck got the correct repair immediately and saved an entire day of time in the shop.

Whether its talking to body manufacturers about warranty claims, getting trucks into service in a timely manner, or tracking down hard-to-find parts on a tight timeline, Dallas is our point man. With his background in service, he can dive deeper into any issues than most salesmen, and challenge dealers to get the answers a driver needs to get back on the road as fast as possible.

Transwest and Dallas have a competitive advantage over every other stepvan dealer: we are the only company to employ an Up-Time Coordinator. We add long-term value to any truck purchase. We love having Dallas on board!



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