Septic Truck

Septic Trucks

Septic trucks are a specialized vehicle designed to efficiently remove and transport waste. Shop our quality inventory and ask us about our financing options.

About Septic Trucks

These specialized commercial trucks are incredibly important to our society. Every single day, hardworking men and women around the country rely on septic trucks to get an important job done. Here at Transwest, we understand how important it is for you to find a reliable septic truck. We offer top manufacturers at the best prices available. Additionally, our team can help you explore your financing options for this business investment. 

A septic truck is utilized to empty wastewater and sewage out of septic systems. They are used for homes, businesses, restaurants, and more. These unique trucks are equipped with a storage tank where wastewater and sewage are held. A vacuum pump system is used to empty the septic system by placing gallons of waste into the tank of the truck. 

If you are shopping for a septic truck, our team will help you explore all the options available. From determining the size tank you need to choose the right model, we are experienced in assisting our clients with making commercial truck purchases. Our goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Stop by to learn more about our inventory options today.

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The Transwest Difference

When it comes to choosing a trusted resource for purchasing a commercial truck, Transwest has been a reliable partner for over 30 years. At Transwest, we focus on providing quality solutions throughout the entire process of purchasing or renting commercial trucks. Our sales teams are trained to efficiently walk you through your options and match your specific needs to the ideal vehicle. We pride ourselves on our transparent approach to the purchasing, financing, and complete sales process. Whether you are purchasing one truck for a specific task or a whole fleet of trucks for your business, we can assist you with everything you need.

We partner with the top makes in the industry to ensure that we are offering the best commercial truck options. This allows our customers to access the highest quality choices in commercial trucking. If you are currently looking to invest in a commercial truck, please let our team know how we can help. We always put our clients first and will work with you to find the best commercial truck for your situation. Transwest provides you with a one-stop-shop for all your commercial vehicle purchasing needs. From financing options to premium inventory, let us show you why Transwest is the trusted name for purchasing commercial trucks.

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