Engine Hours – Why Are They Important to the Life of Your Engine?

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Mar 26, 2021
Engine Hours – Why Are They Important to the Life of Your Engine?

Have you ever considered the strain engine hours can have on your step-van? Routes are becoming more and more condensed, but that does not mean that the wear and tear on the engine is being reduced. Engine hours have just as much impact on the life of an engine as the miles the unit incurs. Transwest’s team of Customer Experience Advocates recommend scheduling your routine maintenance around the truck’s engine hours, not just the mileage. While you may notice that you are servicing the unit at mileage intervals that are lower than you are used to, this will prevent major, and often costly, engine issues due to the wear and tear of engine hours. 

What is the engine hour to mileage ratio?

One engine hour equates to thirty miles’ worth of wear and tear. Services experts Dallas Delay and Jim Caskey recommend doing routine maintenance at a 200 engine hour interval rate.

How can I see how many engine hours are on my unit?

Engine hours can be viewed on the odometer display, the operator can toggle through the menu options in order to get to the engine hours. 

Who can help me with additional questions?

Dallas Delay and Jim Caskey are Transwest’s service support experts! Should you have further questions in regards to engine hours and why they’re important to the life of your engine, please feel free to reach out to them at: ddelay@transwest.com or jim.caskey@transwest.com



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