How to Ensure a Safe Haul

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
May 13, 2013
How to Ensure a Safe Haul

Feeling fatigued or sleepy on the road?

  • More than 25% of drivers admit to driving when they can no longer hold their eyes open. They can sense their bodies are shutting down.

Do you catch yourself speeding to just get there?

  • 30% of fatal accidents are caused by speeding. Most could have been avoided.

Ever catch yourself daydreaming & not watching the road?

  • According to Virginia Tech Transportation, 80% of crashes are caused by drivers not paying attention to their surroundings and are preoccupied with cell phones, CB radios, and other materialistic items.


  • Balanced breakfast: As the most famous saying goes, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” You should always eat a balanced breakfast in the morning before hitting the road. Breakfast is your food source for energy to start off your day. Prevent eating fatty food or anything high in acid, these foods often cause drowsiness and fatigue. Taking a daily vitamin is also a great routine to get into to boost your immune system and help with consistent body levels.
  • Getting the right amount of sleep: The most common mistake that drivers make is to try and drive until they can’t drive anymore. When you become tired and restless you tend to veer off the road, coast over the median, and crash into unseen obstacles. It’s best to pull into a truck stop or pull off onto a safe part of the shoulder to rest for the night. Plan out your route ahead of time to allow yourself at least 6 hours of sleep every night.  Making a quick haul is not worth getting into an accident and putting you and others at harm.
  • Pay attention to all road signs: Each county and state highway fluctuates speed depending on the area it surrounds. Country roads often have animal crossing signs, be extremely cautious in these areas. There are often times animals next to the road and could bolt across the road in front of you. In scarce weather conditions be sure to chain up if need be and go minimal speeds to avoid sliding.



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