Six In-Demand Commercial Truck Parts

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Aug 31, 2021
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When it comes to maintaining your commercial truck fleet, ensuring that you have the right parts on hand is a must. Choosing quality parts for your commercial trucks will result in fewer breakdowns and improved safety for your team of drivers.

Whether you have an in-house maintenance team, or you schedule repairs through a service center, let's take a look at the top six truck parts for 2021 to keep on your list.

#1: CoMan Brake Shoes

Over the course of time, brake shoes can begin to deteriorate due to corrosion. Road salt, air pollution, and other debris eat into a truck’s brake shoes, reducing the function of the shoe.

For improved resistance to corrosion, many turn to CoMan.

CoMan brake shoes use an advanced coating and curing system. This helps to mitigate rusting, leading to a longer useful life.

The manufacturer uses a process in which they clean the surface of the brake shoe and then dip coat them in a special paint formulation at twice the industry standard thickness.

After this, a four-step drying system in a heated convection chamber extends the life cycle of the brake shoe. This helps to reduce waste and maximize your fleet’s operational dollars.

In the world of commercial truck parts, CoMan has earned a reputation for high-quality products. Their manufacturing and fabrication process takes place in one of their two U.S. facilities under a strict standard of quality and environmental controls. This results in products that are consistently reliable.

#2: Webb Brake Drums

Brake drums play a vital role in keeping your fleet safe. Webb brake drums utilize state-of-the-art technology to run 10 percent cooler than standard brake drums. Their drums use a unique patented design that implements external cooling ribs to conduct heat away from the brake surface. This results in improved heat dissipation, which is critical to the safety of your drivers on the road.

Additionally, Webb brake drums feature a patented wear indicator. This allows your drivers to quickly perform a visual inspection, cutting down on guesswork when it comes to repairing brakes.

For years, Webb has been a trusted manufacturer of brake drums. Their line of brake drums has led the way in quality and reliability. With their focus on heavy-duty applications, they are a go-to choice for fleet managers.

#3: Baldwin Filters

Protecting your commercial truck’s engine is a must and it all begins with the quality of your vehicle’s filters. Leading the way in filtration products and services is Baldwin Filters.

Baldwin Filters provides a high-quality line of filtration products and technologies. Their team of engineers works from the basic filtration design and implements the latest and greatest in technology to create innovative and patented designs, such as their EnduraPanel™ air filters, self-venting drain valves for fuel/water separators, and filters utilizing HELM™ (Highly Engineered Layered Media).

Baldwin Filters backs up its strong commitment to quality by not only designing filters, but by also manufacturing filter components to allow their company to control the overall quality of every single product. Additionally, they achieve and maintain quality certifications at their manufacturing facilities, ensuring that every filter purchased with the Baldwin name offers improved engine protection.

#4: Bendix Air Brake Valves

Throughout a truck’s air brake system are a series of valves that direct the flow and release of air. This is a critical component to the functionality of air brakes and integral to the safety of drivers.

Bendix air brake valves utilize the highest engineering standards and comply with all federal safety regulations to ensure the best performance, reliability, and safety. Over the years, Bendix has earned their place as the industry standard valve system chosen by leading OE manufacturers.

In addition, Bendix leads the way in research and development activities. Bendix recognizes that as commercial vehicles become more sophisticated, compressed air requirements are as well. For this reason, they are constantly developing and testing new valves and control system components to improve commercial truck performance.

#5: Alliance Chrome Accessories

Beyond just the mechanical components of your commercial truck, the right accessories are a must.

Alliance Parts leads the way in providing chrome accessories for commercial trucks aimed at protecting your vehicle from dirt and damage, improving the truck’s aerodynamics, and adding a unique style to the vehicle.

With a vast selection of accessories available, each component is designed to offer a quality look while standing up to the rigors of the road.

#6: Penray Chemicals and Additives

Keeping your engine clean and operating smoothly is a top priority, and the right chemicals and additives can help to ensure optimum performance.

Leading the way in aftermarket chemical solutions is Penray. For over 70 years, they have manufactured chemicals and additives. They offer highly engineered additives that will help your truck reach peak performance. Additionally, they design maintenance products that are aimed at keeping your vehicles on the road, such as their Pencool® brand engine coolant line.

Visit Transwest for Your Parts and Maintenance Needs

Managing a commercial fleet is no easy task. At Transwest, we know how important it is for your vehicles to operate smoothly and to reduce costly downtime, which is why we offer a quality selection of parts backed by industry-trusted names.

In addition, our service centers are operated by knowledgeable mechanics who can repair or maintain your fleet. We offer everything from simple tune-ups to overhead adjustments. You can also visit one of our service centers to schedule a DOT inspection or for diesel emissions testing.

Whatever parts you might need in the year ahead, we are here to help. Come visit us today.


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