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Laundry Step Vans

Laundry step vans offer an efficient, customized solution for your business. Our team is here to provide your company with industry expertise in commercial vans.

Transwest carries only the highest quality Laundry Step Vans

With financing options and an outstanding inventory, we are here to help you choose the right laundry step van for your business. Stop by today. Check out the best Laundry Step Vans from Freightliner, and more.

About Laundry Step Vans

Purchasing a laundry step van is made easier with the help of our team at Transwest. We know that when it comes to buying a commercial van, you need a vehicle that is reliable and affordable. Buying a laundry van is a business investment that will offer your company efficiency and ease of transportation. We are here to help you browse the best inventory of vehicles that are backed with knowledgeable staff. 

Laundry step vans are unique commercial trucks, specifically designed for the delivery and pickup of laundry-related goods. The large cargo area of the truck can be customized to hang or stack clothes. Most of these vehicles also come equipped with a doorway between the cab and the cargo area, making it simple for delivery drivers to grab items as needed. 

The ideal laundry step van for your needs will depend on the size of the truck you require as well as what extras you want the van to come equipped with. Our team is here to help walk you through the options available on the market. We carry top manufacturers, such as Freightliner, ensuring you have access to the best options for your business. Stop in or give our team a call.

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The Transwest Difference

When it comes to choosing a trusted resource for purchasing a commercial truck, Transwest has been a reliable partner for over 30 years. At Transwest, we focus on providing quality solutions throughout the entire process of purchasing or renting commercial trucks. Our sales teams are trained to efficiently walk you through your options and match your specific needs to the ideal vehicle. We pride ourselves on our transparent approach to the purchasing, financing, and complete sales process. Whether you are purchasing one truck for a specific task or a whole fleet of trucks for your business, we can assist you with everything you need.

We partner with the top makes in the industry to ensure that we are offering the best commercial truck options. This allows our customers to access the highest quality choices in commercial trucking. If you are currently looking to invest in a commercial truck, please let our team know how we can help. We always put our clients first and will work with you to find the best commercial truck for your situation. Transwest provides you with a one-stop-shop for all your commercial vehicle purchasing needs. From financing options to premium inventory, let us show you why Transwest is the trusted name for purchasing commercial trucks.

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